How to get girls like these..

I thought it could be a great idea to write about different on-line sources that have helped me with the girls topic. I really like fit and strong girls.

A website that was of fantastic help to me is Funny thing is the fact that my friend sent me a link with some article there but then I began reading more and found a lot of great stuff there. I like the guys approach there to getting hot girls. I particularly liked the article about girls that are out of my league (they aren’t really). Actually you will find a lot of great ones, this was also good - how to pick-up girls. Also, I hate pre-written sentences and that’s why his advice has been the best for me. As I am an enormous fan of improvisation then the lines and stuff don’t fit me that well.

Last but not the least, youtube videos. They are amazing! 

Actually, the whole channel is pretty great if you ask me. The video is not great only because of the information but other things it shows also. I can see all the bodylanguage, the way he speaks and his overall vibe that you need to have to get girls while going out. I believe it’s one of the most beneficial things to possess role models. Anyways, this dude makes an excellent role model.

These are the primary three places I got the most help on the women issue. If you do not like it then suck it :D Naah, just kidding, I know everyone has different methods to getting girls so it’s ok if you don’t share exactly the same ideas with me.

Like you can read, I’ve done quite a lot of research. I spent quite a lot of months reading before I took action. I mainly read various forums/sites and watched videos a lot. Reading is cool but action gets you girls so, now it’s time for much less reading and much more going out.

So, I suppose this is it for this post, I’ll see you later!